Jambo Africa 1st preview!

We are happy to present the first taste of our new series ‘Jambo Africa‘ with this preview of the first 3 months. Jambo Africa is our biggest production ever, with 65 boys, 150 scenes, over 50 documentaries and tons of gorgeous photosessions that will run for 1 full week every month. The documentary series ‘African Souvenirs’ starts on Friday the 12th of this month, and the series proper on the 29th. More information will be coming in our Quickies section in the coming weeks.

Belami Jambo Africa 1st preview

Looks excellent! I see many of stars who are much loved by me, in this trailer. Pretty long series, as it’s just short of year! Will this be the best African series BA has done to date? Since it’s BA’s 25th anniversary this year, let’s hope so. (takeshi)

Belami Jambo Africa 1st preview still

A kaleidoscope of astonishing riches and an editorial tour-de-force! Africa has been the Shangri la of sexual frolics for Bel Ami boys over the last few years and we have been privileged to enjoy them vicariously. A fitting summation of a quarter century of erotic delights! (Teejay)

Belami Jambo Africa 1st preview banner

I don’t think I can remember a time when sooooo many beautiful boys, were gathered together for a new production & that’s saying a lot!! Each scene looks sensational & incredible! Each young man looks hornier than the other, love it!! I’m looking everywhere for one of my favorite models, Jeff Mirren! Please say he wasn’t left behind & joined the trip, at some point! He seems like he’d be good fun on this frolicking/wild vacation! : ) (Strikingviking)


65 BOYS, 150 SCENES, over 50 documentaries and tons of GORGEOUS photosessions


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