Colin Hewitt raw-fucks Dolph Lambert!

Just as hot and steamy as the previous part! Colin Hewitt and Dolph Lambert looked so gorgeous in bed together an Colin truly proved his mastery of that perfect cock of his. Loved ever part! Dolph and Colin never disappoint. Extremely hot scene with two of the most beautiful men on the planet. (xindi005)

BelAmi Colin Hewitt Fucks Dolph Lambert Gay Bareback Sex European Porn Blonde Brunette Male Feet Uncut Cocks

Just love these two they’re so into each other its like they’re made for each other, part 1 and 2 are so hot they burn the screen up, l hope they are still living together bless them. Plus the usual high standard of production great lighting and camera work, BelAmi are still the best out of them all and that’s the truth. many thanks George Duroy. (rob66)


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