Brandon drills Joshua on Sean Cody

“You have pretty big muscles,” Brandon said as he and Joshua were getting acquainted. “I saw you working out yesterday at the gym.” “Oh yeah?” Joshua replied. He was blushing. “Why didn’t you come say hi?” Brandon laughed. “Cause I can’t just walk in and be like, ‘Hey, am I doing you tomorrow?’” “That would have been perfect!” Clearly, Joshua is up for anything! He’s still the new kid on the block but he was definitely into Brandon and he was definitely OK with taking charge. “Take off your shirt!” he told Brandon. “Let me see those muscles… I love muscles!” Joshua could barely hide how excited he was! “Brandon, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen you look bashful,” I said, surprised. “I get all nervous when my ego gets stroked,” he said with a smile. But you could tell he was loving the attention. It was fun day with these two. Joshua got fucked all over the room until he was begging Brandon to breed his hole. “There is something hot as fuck knowing that this big stud came in my ass,” Joshua said afterward. Brandon smiled and looked at Joshua. “I like fucking someone that is in such great shape… that was fun!” he said.


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