Night Scene: Zac DeHaan raw-fucks Julien Hussey!

For Bel Ami‘s last Saturday in November they have a night scene with 2 of our favorite guys for you, starring Julien Hussey and Zac DeHaan. Both guys have been fan favorites for many years and this scene filmed by Marty Stevens is both romantic and passionate and will be a worthy addition to both their resumes.

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This is a beautiful scene. Having only recently come back to BA after a brfead of a couple of years, I was surprised by the negative comments about Zac by a few, regarding the recent Art Series. So I decided to check out Zac’s work and was pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful scene. Whereas I find many scenes boring because they are so predictable this scene was memorising for its artistic beauty. I especially loved the beginning with the focus on the models back sides, their beautiful male asses, a much neglected asset in most BA scenes. I was disappointed that Zac was not more involved in helping Julian cum at the end, sucking his cock or nipples or something. But overall it was a very hot scene. 5 stars. (vabeachguy482)

Two fantastic guys in a very hot scene. Wow!! I really hope that Zac will stay with BA for a the upcoming years. He is such a hero. One of the best looking guys in the BA universe. The only little disappointment was the camera and the editing, which missed some exciting parts of the action (either the camera position changed when it started to get exciting or somebody in the editing room cut an action scene much to early). (KauriWest)


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