Jim Kerouac raw-fucks Jean-Daniel!

As Jean-Daniel finds out, there is nothing better in the morning when you are horny than waking up to find out that you are sharing an apartment with Jim Kerouac. That is unless the first visitor of the day turn out to be Andrei Karenin (but you are going to have to wait for part 2 to see that)

BelAmi Jim Kerouac Jean-Daniel Gay Barbeack Sex European Porn Male Feet Big Uncut Cock Messy Cum

Volcanic! Such beautiful sex erupted from this scene! And there’s a 2nd part?! Well, here’s hoping Andrei can match up what JD and Jim brought here today. Everything was beyond perfect! From the bottom-up shot with the two studs stroking each other and you see both their perfect asses in one glorious shot to the creamy and sticky cumshots at the end. As said before, perfect! Utterly perfect!! (xindi005)

I adore both these guys. Both have fantastic bods and ample equipment for porn. Both are sexy as all hell and both are gorgeous guys. I think Jim has brought a level of passionate and vigorous sex to BA that has now been spread to many other models, like Kev, Luke, and perhaps the use of the American models to further this type of coital action is a very exciting thing, at least to me. I think American models are more use to being vigorously penetrated and pumped during their pairings. (rcgrcg)

Jean Daniel is certainly Peter Pan. He never shows signs of ageing. His weight is perfect. His body is trim–oh that six pack. And he is ardently versatile in his sexuality. I do not mean to neglect Jim, but JD is forever, I sincerely hope. Delicious scene. (valere1)


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