Jim Kerouac Fucks Julien Hussey!

Jim Kerouac and Julien Hussey are my absolute favorite gay stars – my idol. Jim Kerouac has such a huge cock and amazing body, he is just perfection personified in both body and his top action. He is classy, elegant, and a super performer. This has got to be one of BA’s finest clips. I love this video very much. (martyjal)

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Truly unique. With things happening here you just don’t see elsewhere. Starting with the rare dildo action. Then the fucking starts and spontenaity takes over. Julien tries putting a pillow behind his head. It falls off the bed. Then Jim bangs Julien clear off the bed and onto the pillow, where he keeps on fucking Julien upside down! Till he literally fucks the cum right out of Julien into Julien’s waiting mouth; then explodes himself all over Julien’s cum-covered abs! Amazing! And in the process, we’ve witnessed such marvels as Julien’s wide-open hole and Jim’s cock finding its ow way back inside without manual assistance. It just follows the heat. Wow! (BigBadBill)

FRICKING HOT SCENE!! LOVE Julien’s cum shot — it went far, seemingly beyond his face, which is so hot. Jim is AWESOME, although wish his cum shot was more like Kris or Adam & flew rather than just dribbles out. But, that’s minor. This scene is awesome because your casting is great: you finally have two very hot models instead of just one. For example, Scott cannot hang with Vadim’s beauty, even if he is a good top. His face is not up to say Kris, Adam, Jim, Rhys, Hoyt, Joel or Vadim & all those tattoos just ruin his aesthetic. But FIVE STARS for this scene! Now, can we get Jim to do a flipflop with Vadim? NOW THAT WOULD BE HOT!!!! (topdog2013)


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