Nils Tatum bust a nut!

You have all seen Nils Tatum in action, but we have a little secret to let you in on here. Just like with Hoyt, Nils turned up at our door looking almost like a skinhead, short cropped hair that was far from flattering (although, also in common with Hoyt, there is little that Nils cannot get away with). Today we are showing him when he first turned up for his casting, handsome, sexy and full of potential.

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That’s real a fine solo and the photos from it are wonderful. Nils with long or short hair – for me that makes no difference what its appeal. Either way, Nils is a sexy gold piece of BelAmi and I hope to see him in action much more often in 2018. (Lutz8neumann)

Nils is fast becoming my favourite guy on here!! Such a handsome face, beautiful body and that stunning smile – who couldn’t help but like him? Looking forward to seeing lots more of him this year!! (craighill)


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