Blayne and his dirty, sweaty socks!

In order to inspire his client Coach Blayne makes him worship his jock feet. He says it will help with obedience and drive. At first worshipping the smelly socks and sweaty feet doesn’t seem like a great idea, but soon his client falls under the spell of Blayne’s amazing feet and can’t wait to get more. This training technique works!

Myfriendsfeet Blayne Foot Worship Sweaty Dirty Smelly Socks Male Feet Soles Toes Licking Sucking Toes

Blayne is a former college wrestler with size 9 feet and a very sexy pair of eyes. It’s like he can look right through you, checking out your mind. I love that about him. He keeps fit and has a masculine, hairy body to boot. What a hunk and what a nice pair o feet he has on him. I plan on featuring him as much as possible.


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