Blast from the past: Foot fetish with Dolph Lambert & Kris Evans!

The beautiful pair of Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert are featured here in bonus content for the foot worshippers among you, of which we have learned there are many. We held back this content until there was enough to present as a documentary.

BelAmi Kris Evans Dolph Lambert Foot Fetish Masturbation Cumshot Closeup Male Feet Toe Sucking Shower Jacuzzi Big Uncut Cock

Includes the hottest feet sex scene, BA has ever produced. Love to watch again and again, even if it is already several years old. Wonderful! (KauriWest)

Wow- This is the video that got me to sign up in the first place. I only saw a few pics here and there and could never find the whole video. I’m in heaven now. Thank you for catering to those of us with a foot fetish. There are more than you think. Thanks- keep them coming! (RioRob)


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