Preview Now: Answered Prayers – The Lamb Teaser Trailer!


It’s with special pride that I present this sneak peek of Answered Prayers: The Lamb. This is the fourth part of our miniseries, and to date this has been our most ambitious project yet. I’ve been shooting this since November and it has been a mammoth undertaking and collaboration with a group of truly inspiring individuals.

Max Ryder and Dean Monroe lead a wonderful ensemble cast that includes Frankie Valentine, Duncan Black, and Jasper Robinson. Jake Bass and Max Carter reprise their roles as warring brothers, Jinks and Moloch. I’m especially excited for y’all to see Max Carter’s focused and dedicated performance — he really does shine! And as always, Jake Bass makes love to the camera.

But allow me just a moment to thank both Max Ryder and Dean Monroe for their inspired work and for surrendering to my organic process — I will be forever grateful for their trust in doing so. They truly delivered beyond my expectations.

Finally, thank you to all who support our work. In doing so, you allow us to keep pushing the boundaries of our own creative impulses while creating new possibilities for us all.

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