Bonus Scene: RoadStrip Bloopers and Outtakes!


Film Editor’s Note: You might be wondering how a film composed almost entirely of unscripted material could have a “bloopers and outtakes” reel, but the answer is actually not that complicated. Just like any other movie, RoadStrip was carefully orchestrated by a director with a clear vision and Jake Jaxson relied heavily on his ability to gauge exactly how his two stars would react to predetermined questions and situations. Most of the time, he was spot on in his endeavors. But the bloopers occurred when he was not.

As the editor, watching these moments of disconnect between the stars and filmmakers was sometimes more interesting than watching the planned moments. Sometimes Jake and Max would really try to make the movie their own — they’d say or do things on camera while the entire crew can clearly be seen in the background, completely oblivious to what’s going on. Other times, they’d freeze up or disagree with a particular scenario and a new game plan would have to be devised.

The most authentic moments occurred when the stars and filmmakers agreed to disagree, both making sacrifices to achieve what they thought was a less-than-perfect outcome. But many of those moments actually ended up making it into the finished film, serving as crucial transitions from the more planned scenes to the more improvised ones (like the fights on the golf course and in the hot tub, for instance).

And that was where the real magic happened in the editing room, turning that rare “blooper” into a very real plot point. Obviously not all the bloopers were salvageable for the film, but watching them on their own adds an entirely new layer of reality to the project. So for your enjoyment, we put the best ones together on the RoadStrip Blu-Ray/DVD.


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