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He is 19 years old¬†and¬†works on his General Ed at a community college before moving onto university. He was on several sports teams in high school, but only plays recreationally now in order to work and study. He has a girlfriend, whom he has been dating since high school. They’ve discussed marriage, but he isn’t sure. “I want to wait until I’m out of school,” he said. “You never know how things will work out.” Apparently, she won’t let him fuck her up the ass. So maybe that’s the deal breaker!

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Jack Rayder & Lukas Grande Flip-Fuck!

Jack Rayder and Lukas Grande met on the dating app Jack’d less than a year ago, and now they’ve been in a fully committed relationship for 8 months! Interestingly enough, they both worked in porn prior to meeting each other yet neither of them knew and they both were too scared to tell each other. When Jack finally owned up to it, Lukas admitted it too and a huge weight was lifted — now they could mix business and pleasure!
Once you get to know the guys, you can see why they work so well as a couple. Jack loves to bottom the most, and he’s got a deep voice and bold personality on camera that demands attention. Lukas on the other hand is a few years older, he loves to top, and he’s got more of a laid back personality.
Physically, the guys are both hot on their own accord — Jack’s got dark features and perfect pecs, while Lukas has a more rugged look with his tattoos and curly hair. But together, their chemistry is undeniable. Everything from making out to sucking cock to fucking is just more intimate. After he came while riding his boyfriend’s cock, Jack even finished off Lukas with a handjob. Isn’t that sweet?

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