Andrew takes it to the face from Austin Guys In Sweatpants feat

Andrew takes it to the face! Guys In Sweatpants

Andrew takes it to the face from Austin Guys In Sweatpants
Andrew: “I want it on my face”

Andrew says he hasn’t bottomed in several months, which was music to Austin’s ears apparently. Austin is a gentle giant (or at least his dick is), but once he gets him warmed up, he pounded his brains out. The only question here was whether Austin was cumming inside Andy, or on his face. The face won! Andy let Austin slam his ass until he pulled out and blew all his face… which got him off instantly. So fucking hot.



Pax is a young daddy not shy about showing his baby maker


From CHaosmen: Pax is equal parts adorable and sexy. He is very calm, mature, and super polite. It surprised me, because to me, he looks so much younger. At 26 he already has a vibe about him that is relaxed and professional. He was married very young, and has a 7-year-old son, so has the maturity of someone in their 30’s. He is quite nice to be around! He isn’t much of a talker. Not saying he is shy. He is well-spoke and succinct, and when you converse with him, you quickly realize he has his shit together. He has had some guy-guy experience. He has had one guy, that sounds like they were fuck buddies for a year, and one guy he just saw one time. It all sounded very one-sided. Like he got his cock sucked and he fucked him. He never even sucked back. He said the guys were feminine and he liked that. He has a hot body on him, with a super thick long cock. Not sure if the tattoo is his ex-wife’s name, but as you find out in his solo, it seems to be a target for a lot of his cum! We will see how he does next week, when Pax gets head from Griffin!


chaosmen_duncan_solo feat

Duncan previously known as Mike strokes his man meat

duncan_solo_chaosmenFrom Chaosmen: Duncan brings his ‘Grade A Meat’ to Monster Cock Week, along with his ‘A Game’! He has an amazing body, a hot sexy vibe, and a 7-8 inch cock that he literally can’t wrap his hand completely around! I am sure there are longer cocks out there, but the dude has got some monstrous girth on him! Duncan did a solo about 6 years ago, and has changed much since then. He did a stint in the Navy, and now devotes his time to personal training. You can tell by his amazing body that he is his best client. He likes the Latinas, but his current girlfriend is Asian. Duncan didn’t say it exactly, but I think he likes girls shorter than him, and gets off on seeing them suck his cock to it’s full mass. His stroking action is hot to watch! As I said, his hand barely wraps around his cock, and he does this great twisty motion around the head and shaft, leaving much of his cock exposed. It is like he is stroking a flashlight handle that he can’t quite seem to surround. Sorry about the pubes, but I got him here very last minute, wanting him for Monster Cock Week. Duncan normally is shaved bare, so that is the best we could do on short notice. Still, he actually looks awesome all hairless. Clearly he also shaves his ass hole. I find it ‘interesting’ when straight guys pay so much attention to their hole, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in having his ass played with. He sure does a fine job showing it off to us though! The dude is made for video too. Strokes and plays to us viewers like a pro! Like I said, he is ‘A Grade Premium Monster Meat’!



Sex machine Gabriel brutally drills Kevin

Gabriel-Clark-Kevin-Carson_From Cockyboys: Did you miss Gabriel Clark? For a second, he was going to call it quits on porn. But after a short hiatus, he (thankfully!) decided to come back to CockyBoys to appease his sexual appetite. Porn is now more of a hobby than a career for him, so you know that means he REALLY loves fucking. Kevin Carson is exactly the type of guy Gabriel loves to pound — modestly attractive, yet willing to go as far as he’s pushed. And Gabriel granted no mercy. He got to work on Kevin, sucking and rimming him without a word exchanged. Kevin eagerly let Gabriel go all the way with him. He got fucked on his back at first, then rode Gabriel’s cock like a cowboy. Finally Gabriel basically flipped Kevin completely upside down to go as deep as possible and drilled him brutally. It may have only been a short while, but we’re glad Gabriel’s back in proper form!

Sex machine Gabriel brutally drills Kevin

1488_chaosmen_griffin_troi feat

Troi barebacks Griffin and unloads all over his hole


From Chaosmen: I wouldn’t say Griffin is a size queen, but he does appreciate a rather large cock. Not so much to sit on, but he does like a challenge when it comes to swallowing! Since he joined the team, I asked him who he would like to work with, and Troi was at the top of his list. He watched a few of his videos and prepared himself for some deep throat action. Griffin was more worried about sitting on his cock, as his anal experience is not nearly as high as his sucking experience. I knew he could handle Troi though. He is a thoughtful Top, and never hurries a guy to take his cock. Griffin starts out by showcasing his oral skills, and I am pretty sure this is only the second time Troi’s cock has disappeared completely down someone’s throat- Brenner being the first time. Troi was impressed with his skills as he serviced him. He returns the favor, but they quickly move into a position where Troi can throat fuck him. Both guys were loving this position! We used the small couch for most of the shoot, and the guys did amazing given the cramped quarters. Griffin rides Troi’s cock, starting by letting himself ease onto Troi’s long cock before letting Troi rapid-fire fuck him. It seems Griffin’s worries about taking Troi’s cock were not needed! Troi fucks Griffin doggy-style and on his back, which was the perfect position to make Griffin cum. Troi unloads all over Griffin’s hole, then shoves his cock in, marking his territory!



Cassius and his low hanging nut sack


From Chaosmen: Cassius is a local guy. His friends encouraged him to do a strip contest, which he won a bunch of times. He eventually started working at some of the night clubs dancing, so he is familiar with gay nightlife, but still seems like he is learning the ropes. One of his friends from the club put him in touch with Ransom, and of course Cassius was ready and wanting to work right away. I encouraged him to grow his pubes out for future shoots. That is, if there will be more shoots. He is still not sure about the guy-on-on guys stuff, despite spending so much time in the gay clubs. He has a huge honkin’ cock on him, and I thought he would be great to kick-off Monster Cock week, so I let the pubes slide. His cock goes from somewhere between 8 and 9 inches, so Cassius is packing some major meat. Cassius likes really big bubbly titties, and it is fun watching him talk about them. He is upbeat and personable, and reminds me a lot of Griffin. Cassius likes to smile and is confident, but not cocky. He also likes to fuck girls in the ass, if he can make it fit! We will see if he comes back for more. On one hand he seems super confident and ready to do more, but he does seem like he is slowly moving through his limits. For now though, enjoy his monstrously huge cock!

1489-chaosmen_cassius_solo_gif_03WATCH FULL VIDEO OF CASSIUS INSTEAD OF GIFS1489-chaosmen_cassius_solo_gif_05